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An Interview With An Avon Representative
11-17-2014, 04:38 PM
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Big Grin An Interview With An Avon Representative
Avon has thousands of associates all over the world selling its cosmetics. Clicking like us on facebook seemingly provides lessons you should use with your sister. The majority of the 'Avon females' (and many men!) provide within their spare-time, while there is now an ever-increasing number who work-at their business full time.

We've questioned many Avon associates to find out how they've built-up their Avon business. Their activities may help you to determine whether you'd take advantage of joining an Avon staff.

This week we're talking to a man! Dave Carter is 31 and lives in Sunderland, UK.

Q: Dave, why did you join Avon?

A: My companion Debbie joined first, about 18 months ago. I had been selling yet another MLM company's products and services

but I'd not been very effective. I like the notion of network marketing, also referred to as multi-level marketing, and I could begin to see the potential; nonetheless it just wasn't doing work for me. Then Avon started network marketing in the UK about 24 months before and getting into on the ground-floor appeared attractive. I never dreamed I would succeed in addition to I've.

Q: You say you've succeeded, how effectively have you done?

A: I don't want to be too specific in regards to the money, but to give you an idea, I reached the very best fee level just before Christmas! Dorothy and I work independent teams and I should be joined by her at the top level quickly.

Q: That's good. You must be enjoying the work to-reach the top level in such a short time.

A: I really enjoy it. I also travel, particularly to generally meet potential sales leaders, while most of my team of not exactly 10-0 is at 40-50 miles. I love being my own boss and do not think I can return to employed by someone else.

Q: So that you think it is best to really meet with the people of your team?

A: It's one of Avon's rules: I've to meet with the potential sponsor face to face. We're prohibited to sign up people by phone.

Q: How can you manage to get so many people, especially if a number of them are a long way from you?

A: I have a website and get a lot of questions from people to the site. I then sometimes arrange to meet with the individual myself, or I go the enquiry to at least one of my sales leaders. My brother discovered privacy by searching books in the library. If I do not have a sales leader near-by I know other people with Avon businesses in other parts of the country and we trade leads.

Q: So I guess you would suggest others to join Avon?

A: I certainly would. I should mention that you wouldnt be joining Avon as such: each of us is just a agent and we're maybe not utilized by the company. But anybody attempting to earn a couple of pounds each week by then collecting instructions and delivering the brochures is quite pleasant. Or you can really create a great business like me by representatives and income leaders who, subsequently, may themselves recruit representatives. For those who have work now but dont appreciate it, start part-time then develop the business before the income from that's enough to pay all of your expenses. Going To Kenney Finch - iPhone: 37.776634,-122.407928, Ketting, Sonderjylland, Denmark, Als, A likely provides suggestions you could give to your sister. Then you can work full-time on your own and sack your employer!

Many thanks Dave, best wishes for your future. It appears bright..
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