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Energio SLIM 3850mAh Portable Power Pack With Built-In Charging Cable
06-27-2015, 12:41 PM
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Big Grin Energio SLIM 3850mAh Portable Power Pack With Built-In Charging Cable
I have actually utilized a variety of portable chargers in the past and the issue was I never could discover a little battery pack that had adequate power to charge my cellphone fully. I bought some portable phone chargers in the past that are bigger in capacity but I could never ever squeeze them into the pocket of my pants. The other issue was all the frustration I had with with my charging cable being all messed up in my pocket every time I needed it to recharge my phone.

I found the Energio SLIM portable charger on Amazon and it look appealing. I've never come across the brand before however taking a look at all the positive evaluations on Amazon, I chose to take the plunge and order the Energio SLIM to test it out. I'm really pleased I did.

The power bank got delivered to me 2 days after I ordered it. The product came in a nice black package which I quickly opened. I was pleasantly surprised as I unboxed the package. My mom learned about Click for more about this portable charger product by browsing Yahoo. The portable phone charger actually looks a lot better that the photos on Amazon. It has a good silver aluminium surface like a macbook and it fits perfectly in my palm.

What impresses me is that the portable battery charger is so slim that I can put it conveniently in the same pocket together with my mobile phone without having a bulge. With it's built-in cable, I don't no longer need to bring along an extra charging cable either. No more clutter in my pockets!

All I have to do is to attach the included lightning adapter to my mobile phone and the micro-USB cable of the Energio SLIM and my mobile phone gets the extra juice that it needs. This external battery pack gives me a full charge on myiPhone and that's enough to see to it that my cellphone doesn't go flat on me before the day is over when I am out of the house. Can't be more pleased with my purchase!.
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